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Three-year University Scholarship in March 2020

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Scholarship Ⅰproblem solving

Three-year University Scholarship in March 2020

I . Enrollment Plans Enrollment specialty:  Computer Technology、Construction Engineering、Business Administration、Tourism Management、 Automobile Repair、 Logistics Management Accountant Interior、 Architecture International、Trade Mechanical Engineering、Electrical Engineering 
And many other specialties are omitted.
Enrollment number:30 (thirty). 
招生人数:30 人
II . Admission Requirements:i. Graduating from high school; ii. Ages from 18 to 22;iii. be in good health excellent performance;iv Those mastering English or Chinese are preferred;v. Certain economic ability for living expenses during the period of studies.


III. Educational system :Three years in junior college;If courses and graduation thesis are qualified for graduation the Diploma with Chinese and English version will be delivered to the graduates ;First year focusing on Chinese language learning with the goal of passing HSK4 level; The second year and third year mainly focusing on specialized course;The students will enter the school on March 2020.
IV. Tuition and service fees
First scholarship: tuition free dormitory free service fee 2500 RMB. Second scholarship: tuition free dormitory fee 1000-2000 RMB service fee 2000 RMB
1. More than 3 first prize students service charge 2200RMB / person.
2. Appropriate increase in student service fees in Tajikistan and Africa.
3. Note School canteen is available all day Students shall be responsible for the cost of living.
一等奖学金:免学费、免宿舍费,服务费2500 RMB二等奖学金:免学费、付宿舍费1000至2000RMB,服务费2000 RMB
注意:1、一等奖学生3人以上,服务费2200 RMB/人;2、塔吉克斯坦、非洲学生服务费适当增加;3、生活费自理;本校食堂全天供应。
VI、Application and Admission
Materials:1. passport high school diploma or school study certificate photo study report card Chinese and English physical examination form crime free certificate application form. 2. The student shall pay 1000RMB (deposit); after approval the student shall be issued with the admission notice photo of the school and pay the remaining service fee; 3. Sending the original of the admission notice in Chinese and English and JW202 visa document (the international express fee shall be borne by the student); 4. The student shall go to the Chinese Embassy with the above documents to apply for visa and go to China on time; 5. Providing Indonesia visa for free.

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