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Scholarship Ⅰproblem solving

不要HSK的中文奖学金No HSK Chinese scholarship
1+4中文本科,不要HSK。药学。5年免学费、免宿舍费,5年发给500RMB/月生活费。服务费3500至4000 RMB。(学校报名费600RMB)另有英文专班。1+4 Chinese, pharmacy undergraduate. Don't HSK. Free tuition and dormitory fees for 5 years, 500RMB/ month living allowance for 5 years. Service charge: 3500 to 4000 RMB. (school registration fee: 600RMB)。There are also English classes.

1+3中文本科。不要HSK。专业:中国医药国际经济与贸易。第1年学汉语,第2、3、4年学专业。付费:学费+宿舍费=5350RMB/3个月, 发给生活津贴5000RMB/3个月(学校录取通知书写明每年收费和发给生活费数额)。服务费:3000至3500RMB
1+3 bachelor degree in Chinese. Don't HSK. Major: Chinese medicine international economy and trade. I will study Chinese in the first year and major in the second, third and fourth years. Fees: tuition fee + dormitory fee =5350RMB/3 months, and living allowance is 5000RMB/3 months (the school admission notice indicates the annual fees and the amount of living expenses). Service charge: 3000 to 3500RMB 

1+3中文本科,不要HSK。汉语言文学。第1年学汉语,学费+宿舍费=6000RMB。第2、3、4年免学费,付宿舍费3600RMB/年。如果有HSK4入校,3年完成学分提前毕业。服务费2500RMB。1+3 Chinese undergraduate, no HSK. Chinese language and literature. Study Chinese in the first year, tuition + dormitory fee =6000RMB. Tuition is free for the second, third and fourth years, and the dormitory fee is RMB 3600RMB/ year. If you have enrolled in HSK4, you will finish your credits in 3 years and graduate early. Service charge: RMB 2500RMB.

1+2中文大专。不要HSK。计算机技术、电子商务、工商管理(物业)、市场营销、会计电算化、旅游英语、数字媒体应用、化工技术、建筑工程、炼油技术、油气储运、工业分析与检验、生产自动化、机电设备维修与管理、汽车检测与维修。第1年学汉语:免学费、付宿舍费。第2、3年免学费,学校每月发给生活费1200RMB。宿舍费5000RMB/年(2人住)。服务费2500RMB。1+2 college degree in Chinese. Don't HSK. Computer technology, e-commerce, business administration (property), marketing, accounting computerization, tourism English, digital media applications, chemical technology, construction engineering, oil refining technology, oil and gas storage and transportation, industrial analysis and inspection, production automation, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management, automobile testing and maintenance. First year: free tuition and dormitory fees. Tuition is free for the second and third years, and the school will issue 1200RMB for living expenses every month. The dormitory fee is 5000RMB/ year (for 2 people). Service charge: RMB 2500RMB. .

1+2中文大专。 不要HSK。计算机技术、国际贸易、工商管理、市场营销、信息技术、旅游管理、数字媒体应用、化工技术、建筑工程、道路桥樑工程、会计学、财务管理、园林技术、现代农业技术、水产技术、纺织工程、数控技术、模具设计与制造、建筑装饰、动物饲养、护理、药学、针灸推拿,很多名称省略。一等奖:免学费、免宿舍费。服务费1800RMB。二等奖:免学费、付宿舍费2000RMB。服务费1500RMB。中英文课程。1+2 college degree in Chinese. Don't HSK. Computer technology, international trade, business management, marketing, information technology, tourism management, digital media application, chemical technology, construction engineering, road and bridge engineering, accounting, financial management, garden technology, modern agriculture, aquaculture, textile engineering, numerical control technology, mold design and manufacturing, architectural decoration, animal feeding, nursing, pharmacy, acupuncture and massage, many names omitted. First prize: free of tuition and dormitory fees. Service charge: RMB 1800RMB. Second prize: tuition free, dormitory fee 2000RMB. The service charge is 1500RMB. English and Chinese courses.

汉语言1年。 不要HSK。汉语3月或9月开学。年龄:18至35岁。一等奖:免学费、付宿舍费3000RMB。服务费2500 RMB。二等奖:学费+宿舍费=6000RMB。服务费2000RMB。Chinese language 1 year. Don't HSK. Chinese school starts in March or September. Age: 18 to 35. First prize: tuition free, dormitory fee 3000RMB. Service charge: RMB 2500. Second prize: tuition fee + dormitory fee =6000RMB. Service charge: 2000RMB.

本科、硕士、博士CSC全额奖学金免学费、免宿舍费,学校每月发给2500、3000、3500RMB。重要条件:非英文国家,中文HSK4或英文水平证书。同时申请校长奖学金。服务费5000 RMB。(预付700RMB)CSC full scholarship for bachelor, master and doctor. Free of tuition, free of dormitory fees, the school monthly issued 2500, 3000, 3500RMB. Important qualification: certificate of Chinese HSK4 or English proficiency in non-english speaking countries. Apply for the principal's scholarship at the same time. The service charge is 5000 RMB. (700RMB prepaid)


大专升本科2年,中文.没有HSK4,10月入学时有HSK4:免收学费、付宿舍费1500或3000RMB/年。服务费2000RMB,3人以上1800RMB/人。Junior college with a 2-year bachelor's degree in Chinese. No HSK4, HSK4 will be available upon enrollment in October: tuition free, dormitory fee 1500 or 3000RMB/ year. The service charge is 2000RMB, and 1800RMB/ person for more than 3 persons.

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申请材料发给Application materials to:2002b@163.com  
材料清单:护照、毕业证书、成绩单、无犯罪记录、体检表、照片、报名表、推荐信2个、学习计划、获奖证书、银行存款照片。 如果因为防止病毒封闭,你先发送已有材料,其它后面补来。Material list: passport, diploma, transcript, no criminal record, physical examination form, photo, application form, 2 recommendation letters, study plan, award certificate, bank deposit photo.
If you want to prevent the virus from blocking, you can send the existing material first and make up the rest
说明:以上是不要HSK中文奖学金的专门节目。你如果需要HSK的全额奖学金、英文奖学金,请向我们索取信息。Note: the above is not the HSK Chinese scholarship program. If you need a full HSK scholarship or an English language scholarship, please contact us for information.
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